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Start & Mediterranean

2010 September 1


Follow the Sailing Around the World tour of Mr.Gökova, the owner and principle of several ISS partner schools, who will sail around the world in 31 legs over 17 months in his sailboat "Gökova" which is a 40 foot Mills Design.
Participation per leg(s) or as a whole available. Interested parties can contact for reservation:     +905358487035
An Excellent Opportunity to Participate in a Fast Trip with a Perfect Teacher and Receive ISS Master of the Yachts Ocean.
Start : 9th of Oct. 2010 Marmaris      |        Finish: 31st of Jan. 2012 Marmaris

2010 October 9

Marmaris  to  Bozukkale

Today we are starting our long journey around 16:00 from Marmaris Netsel Marina.

Busy with last touches, later on between 13:00 and 16:00 we are having a goodbye get together at the marina....

After a warm and joyful goodbye get together with family and friends, we started at 16:00.

At the first leg of our journey, on board Gökova we are Cumhur & Mayisa Gökova, Şenol Acar, Altuğ Kirişoğlu and Erce Demirtaş.

After few hours sailing under 20kts W-NW wind we decided to spend the night at Bozukkale.

2010 October 10

Bozukkale  to  Symi we have left Turkish waters, sailed comfortably and arrived to Symi in the afternoon. Good old friend Manos invited us for a goodbye dinner at his restaurant. Doğan Güzeliş (Orchestra) and his guests ( Sıtkı & Nuray Üzel, Ertunga & Nimet Yeğin) joined us at Manos. Enjoyed delicious food of Manos with a good company. For the next day we decided to sail together with "Orchestra" to Khalki.


2010 October 11

Symi  to  Khalki


We started the day with a steep walk up to Symi together with Orchestra's crew. Around noon we set sail towards Khalki. Just after leaving Symi we encountered "Surgiamo", my niece Lima, her husband Ken and friends on board touring the world. Suprising coincidence, happly chating boat to boat, wishing bon voyage for each other...Continued together with "Orchestra" to Khalki. No wind at all, mostly motored. Arrived to Khalki in the late afternoon. Calm and nice evening with Doğan and his guests. 

2010 October 12-13

Khalki   to   Crete


At dawn on the 12th, we set sail towards Chania-Crete. Very convenient wind for our route. The first catch of our journey, at dusk, Şenol fished a 5-6 kg. Blue Tuna. After aproximately 30 hours of non stop sailing under 8-18 kts mostly SE wind we arrived to Chania, Crete on the 13th around noon. Beautiful harbour with its historic light house. Relaxing touristic and historic town.

2010 October 14-16

Chania, Crete

Ahead of our schedule, we enjoyed Chania and had several daily trips around. No new comers for the 2nd leg, Altug is leaving us on the 17th and we continue to Malta. With this flexibility we decided to leave around the 19th to Malta.

2010 October 17

Chania, Crete

Today we started the day very early and took the famous "Samaria Gorge" hike. The walk starts at Xyloskalo, 1227 m. altitude and ends on the southern coast of Crete in the old village of Agia Roumeli. It took us 4 hours to walk through this 16 km. beautiful and rough canyon which is a river bad surrounded by 300 m. high rocks. A memorable day spent in nature. 

2010 October 19

Chania, Crete

Around noon on the 19th, we started our second leg from Crete to Malta.

2010 October 23

Valetta, Malta

It took aproximately 96 hours from Chania to Valetta. After four days of non stop sailing we arrived to Valetta on the 23rd of October around noon. The first three days of our journey the wind was around 15-20 knots, the weather was cloudy with partial short showers and the sea was rough. At the end, last night was very calm. Now it is time to rest, refresh and discover Valetta. Today Bahar is joining us here at Valetta for the next two legs untill Marbella.

2010 October 24

Valetta, Malta

We discover and enjoy Valetta. Erce who was with us from the begining, will fly back home today. We expect him again on our pacific legs. Tomorrow we are planning to start our 3rd leg and set sail for Sardinia.

2010 November 1


This morning we started our 4th leg from Sardinia to Marbella. We decided to sail directly to Marbella without stopping at Ibiza.

2010 November 6

Marbella, Spain

Today around noon we have arrived to Marbella, Spain after 5 days non stop sailing from Sardinia. First 3 days were quite rough with 30-45 kts wind, sailing close hauled, continuous rain and high waves. One highlight was that Şenol caught a 15 kg Blue Tuna that we ate for 3 days. Now Marbella is calm and sunny like summer. Resting and drying...Here Bahar who was with us since Malta is going back home. Olga, Ivan, Ben and Altuğ are already here for the Las Palmas leg. We are planning to leave for Las Palmas tomorrow Sunday on the 7th of November.



2010 November 21

Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

Today we set sail for Atlantic within ARC 2010 IRC racing divison. We have new trainees and friends who joined us for this long leg. 

  To be continued...

  More Logs will be added soon... 

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